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To get a dedicated offer, please contact our Sales Department.

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From September 14, 2019, the payer's (buyer's) payment service provider, e.g. a provider of the Buyer’s payment account (e.g. bank, payment institution, electronic money institution) or the issuer of the Buyer's payment instrument (e.g. bank, payment institution or electronic money institution issuing a payment card or another instrument, e.g. an electronic banking system that allows for making a payment order) will be required to authenticate the payer (Buyer), unless there is an exception to the regulations mentioned above (e.g. low-value payments, recurring payments, payments to trusted recipients, payments in machines, low-risk payments). This means that in the case of payment cards, banks will more often use 3DSecure, and in the case of other payment channels – they will require the payer to provide additional authentication, e.g. a code from a dedicated application for generating passwords.

To activate card payments and receive detailed information on the possibility of extending the existing cooperation, please contact our Sales Department.

Technical issues may be reported by e-mail to the following address: [email protected] or by phone at +48 12 688 26 00. Please submit reports regarding the operation of payment modules (suggestions, proposals) via GitHub (Directly for a particular module).

Descriptions of all statuses are available in the table:

Causes fall into three categories. A given payment method may:
  • be outside the scope of the signed contract, be unavailable for a given account, currency, amount)
  • not post at the moment ()
  • be temporarily unavailable due to a technical break

The ID can be found after logging in to the Cashola panel by clicking "Settings" in the top bar. The ID number is a 6-digit string following the # sign in the "Store" column.

The PIN can be found after logging in to the Cashola panel by clicking "Settings" in the top bar. The PIN is a 32-character string in the "PIN" column.

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